Jul 27, 2017 | 19:26 PM EDT

This Idol Desperately Wants To Enlist In The Military

Despite the news of Korean idols and celebrities no longer being allowed to enter the military as conscripted policemen, this idol showed his ambition and dearly wants to serve and enlist in the Korean army this year.

Member Taecyeon of 2PM made an appearance at a press release on July 27th for his latest OCN drama 'Save Me.' During the conference, Taecyeon announced to the press how he would like to enlist. 

"I really want to enlist in the military this year.'' He added, "The reason why I chose 'Save Me' as my last production is because I will be able to work together with the sunbaenims. Also, the script itself portraying the story of a religious cult was unheard of and an unusual topic in dramas." What a brave guy! 

Taecyeon further commented and revealed, "I'm waiting for my enlistment. It's great. I'll happily go when they call me." Fans of the singers and people who attended the dramas press conference are praising Taecyeon even though he did not have to enlist. It was noted that he gave up his American permanent residence visa and voluntarily enlisted in the military. Netizens commented on how much he must really love Korea. 

What do you think of Taecyeon's brave decision? Don't forget to check him out as a lead character in the new drama 'Save Me' which is set to air on August 5th.

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