Jul 27, 2017 | 20:21 PM EDT

G-Friend & MAMAMOO Share Their Thoughts About Each Other

Hit girl groups MAMAMOO and G-Friend recently meet together on an episode of 'Weekly Idol' and the two lovely groups had a blast as they interacted and engaged in various mini games and challenges.

Fans became eager to hear about their relationship and what the two groups thought of each other when questioned on the program. The first question asked the members of G-Friend which member of MAMAOO they would want to grow closer to. Eunha went first and adorably chose Hwasa as her pick. 

It seems that Hwasa was becoming one of the more popular members out of MAMAMOO as even G-Friend's Yerin choose her as the idol she wants to grow closer with. Perhaps it is due to her powerful singing? Even Sin.B of G-Friend seemed like she would pick MAMAOO's Hwasa but confidently stated she wants to be closer to all four members.

In the end, Sin.B settled on Whee In for this reason. "We watch MAMAMOO's videos and MVs often, and I want to become friends with Whee In because she's so funny." Umji chose Solar as her idol of choice and Yuju choose Moonbyul as her idol as well. The chemistry between the two girl groups is lively and fun and fans couldn't help but notice how much they laugh and smile together.

What do you think of the cute relationship between MAMAMOO and G-Friend?

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