Jul 28, 2017 | 12:35 PM EDT

Kangnam Uploads A Disturbing Photo That Shocked Fans

Japanese singer and previous member of M.I.B Kangnam recently shocked fans with a disturbing photo he uploaded onto his Instagram. 

The singer uploaded a photo showcasing a side by side comparison of him a few months ago and his recent transformation. Kangnam revealed he had lost over 15KG (33lbs) in just a month and a half and the shocking comparison left fans aghast. 

The singer appears to have taken a huge liking in his hollow, slim look as he has uploaded various photos that showcase his new slim face. Fans posted their concern on his photos saying comments such as, "Oppa... Don't get too skinny" and "Please stay fit." Fans are even more curious as to what he did exactly to lose such a significant amount of weight.

With the dating scandal at large, perhaps stress played a part in the dramatic weight loss? Whatever the case may be, fans spotted Kangnam at the airport and have stated his weight loss is quite noticeable. How do you feel about Kangnam's transformation? Let's hope he stays healthy and happy in his own body!

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