Aug 08, 2017 | 11:12 AM EDT

Kang Daniel is The Reason Fans Are Enraged Over Wanna One's Debut?

Fans of Wanna One have recently expressed their anger over the group's highly anticipated debut! The main reason for their anger solely involves member Kang Daniel and his role in the MV "Energetic."

In the MV for "Energetic," fans stated that Kang Daniel is the center and lead visual, especially since he ranked first in 'Produce IOI Season 2. However, throughout the MV, Kang Daniel has very little screen time and is shown to be in the center only towards the very end.

Fans are even arguing that key parts such as Minhyun's piano choreography during the intro should have belonged to Kang Daniel instead. Fans even rehashed a similar situation that occurred with Jeon So Mi in 'Produce IOI.'

During IOI's "Dream Girl" debut fans noticed that members Jung Chae Yeon and Kim Do Yeon had more center time, especially during the important chorus, instead of center Jeon So Mi. Kang Daniel was changed to the center for "Never" and "Hands On Me" instead but fans still felt enraged because so Kang Daniel's role as the center of their debut song is important. Hopefully, their next release will be a little more organized and pleasing to fans. How do you feel about Wanna One's "Energetic" debut?

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