Aug 10, 2017 | 17:36 PM EDT

Red Velvet's Song 'Red Flavor' Was Originally Meant For This Girl Group

Fans were surprised to find some interesting news about Red Velvet's recent promotional track "Red Flavor." The popular song was actually meant for another girl group!

It was revealed that Red Velvet's song "Red Flavor" off of their 'Red Summer' album was originally made for hit UK girl group Little Mix - not another K-Pop girl group! But how did fans come across such an interesting fact?

The producer of the song sat down with 'Tone Glow' during an interview and shed some light on the creation of the song and album. Daniel Caesar and Ludwig Lindell, the genius producers behind the catchy tune, stated the song even had a different name!

"The song was originally titled 'Dancing With Nobody' and it was made for the UK girl group Little Mix." Who would have thought? However, after reviewing the finished product, the producers revealed they felt it would be better suited for a K-Pop group as it fits in with the current trends. 

"We're really happy with how the song turned out. Red Velvet and SM did a really good job with the song!" We can safely say fans are happy with it too. The producers also revealed that there are low, muffled voices in the back track of the song which is actually their own voices that they recorded from their iPhone. 'Red Flavor' is more interesting than we could have imagined! 

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