Aug 14, 2017 | 17:49 PM EDT

Fans Capture Photos of EXO's D.O With Cigarettes

It seems EXO's D.O is in a bit of hot water after fans caught him walking with a small shopping bag that contained cigarettes. Netizens captured the photos down below and uploaded them as proof.

D.O can be seen walking through a shopping mall with a small bag after a recent purchase. While the fans intention was to simply take a photo of the idol, after zooming in and inspecting the photo further, fans noticed a similar cigarette packaging and label.

Fans already commented their shock and surprised emotions by saying, "Hul daebak... He has such a clean image. I thought Sehun or Kai would be smokers but not D.O.." While other fans felt in different saying, "He's an adult. He can smoke, who cares? Do you know how old Kyungsoo is? lol And what do you mean he needs to take care of his throat. Sung Si Kyung even smokes", "He's not underage. He's an adult so he can smoke, right? I don't see why fans try to defend him on this", "Kyungsoo will take good care of himself even if he smokes." 

EXO's D.O nor their agency, SM Entertainment, have spoken up about the issue or matter. What do you think of EXO's D.O's secret? Is it not a right image for him as an idol or is he old enough to take up the habit and do as he pleases? Let us know your thoughts down below.

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