Aug 15, 2017 | 18:13 PM EDT

Which Black Pink Member's Fashion Sense Is Receiving Praise Among Netizens?

Just like their influence 2NE1 were, Black Pink are absolute fashionistas in the K-Pop world and just about every where else. However, one member has truly captured netizen's eyes for her exquisite look.

Member Jennie of Black Pink has been capturing the attention of fashion gurus everywhere due to her expensive styling! The fans feel that her petite frame make her perfect for these upscale concepts.

Fans can't help but compliment the group stylists for favoring Jennie and giving her the most luxury brand items to wear among the members. Fans commented, "She is fit for any fashion style, American, European~" and "She even has a unique style to match her unique looks."

It appears no matter where member Jennie is, on the stage, airport or simply in public, her fashion game is always on point! What o do you think of her overwhelming style and concepts?

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