Aug 24, 2017 | 13:43 PM EDT

This Girl Group's Dorm Reported To Have Burn Down

Recently, a rookie girl group by the name of Apple.B who had debuted less than a month ago have suffered a tragic accident - their dorm burned down!

The girl group's dorm, located in Seoul, caught on fire while two of the members and their manager was inside. Members Hyunmin and Yurim were relaxing in the dorm alongside the manager while the other girls were at their studio practicing.

Suddenly, the air conditioning unit caught on fire and the manager immediately escorted the girls out of the burning room while calling 119 (Korea's version of 911). Fortunately, none of the members of Apple.B or other residents were injured. MBN Star reported the case and shared the following image.

The girl group will continue their promotions but have been sent back to their individual homes due to the fact that the dorm is no longer in a livable condition. Investigations have already been started in seeing what caused the fire. Stay tuned for more updates!

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