Aug 30, 2017 | 21:53 PM EDT

Suzy Reveals This Secret About Her Love Life While Drunk With Friends

Bae Suzy of miss A had startled fans when she shared an interesting secret about herself after a night of drinking with friends. She revealed the whole story of her first and last kiss with a man.

During an episode of popular Korean reality series 'Off The Record,' Suzy had decided to meet with friends for a night of drinking activities and Suzy got a little out of hand after drinking too much and stating how easily she could drink two bottles of soju without turning red.

Being obviously drunk, her friends took advantage of the moment and decided to ask the celebrity idol "when was your last kiss?" Unable to confess, she took a shot of soju. However, her friends began to tease and pry at her wanting to know more so they asked, "OK, when and how was your first kiss?" Suzy became bashful but revealed the shocking truth which none of her friends could believe.

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"My first kiss.. oh I had my first kiss filming a kiss scene on the set of 'Dream High'." Her friends became rowdy and forced her to drink another shot of soju after her response. To make things more interesting, they asked who was Suzy's ideal type to which she replied, "In the past, I liked a person that's sexy. I really liked Ian Somerhalder back then. But more recently, I like someone like Choo Sung Hoon. He's strong and looks like he can fight at UFC. I like someone who would be able to protect me." Too cute, right?

What do you think of Suzy's first kiss and better yet, who do you think was her last? Share your thoughts in the comments down below!

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