Aug 31, 2017 | 18:14 PM EDT

International Fans Are Disturbed By This Idols Body

Recently, a rookie girl group idol had been recorded for breaking the record of having the smallest waist out of all female idols. While Koreans saw it as an amazing feat, international fans were perturbed. 

Yuha of Pristin made headlines after her waist was measured on a broadcast of 'Weekly Idol.' After being measured, her results came out to a shocking 16inch waist! Fans couldn't believe just how small she is and why she was being praised for it.

Receiving mixed reviews, fans posted "It is completely unhealthy," and "How do her organs even fit in there?" When other fans tried to point out her height and body ratio being different than Westerner's, they backfired saying she is rather tall for a female idol with her profile coming in at 170 cm (5'7). 

Originally AOA's Mina was recorded for having the smallest waist on 'Weekly Idol,' coming in at 17.9 inches. Fans were also shocked to hear that these idols' waists are half the size of the average Western waist that comes in at 34 inches.

Despite the disturbing numbers, some fans even suggested measuring Black Pink and claimed they would definitely have the smallest waists in K-Pop! What do you think of these idols' insanely small waists?

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