Aug 31, 2017 | 18:35 PM EDT

Fans Claim Wanna One's Company Is Cheap When It Comes To The Members

It seems Wanna One isn't getting the star treatment they deserve and fans are calling out YMC Entertainment for it.

Eagle-eyed fans have noticed that some of Wanna One's fashion are actually cheap knockoffs of official brands. It first started when one fan had noticed that member Lai Guan Lin was seen in a fake Justin Beiber 'Purpose Tour' shirt for his debut profile photo! The words on the shirt were purposely misspelled in order to avoid copyright.

The user uploaded a photo of the inexpensive Justin Beiber shirt alongside one of the Wanna One members wearing a cheap knockoff as they questioned why they couldn't afford the $40 shirt - especially with the recent news of how much money Wanna One member make off of individual endorsements alone.

Fans even noticed Kang Daniel's on stage apparel was also a fake of the popular brand 'I'm Not A Human Being.' With all these fake prints, fans are upset with Wanna One's stylist and demanded they begin purchasing authentic brands so the members uphold a better image.

What do you think about this fashion disaster?

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