Sep 01, 2017 | 12:22 PM EDT

Crush Feels 'Goblin' OST 'Beautiful' Stole His Identity

Singer Crush surprisingly revealed that he felt quite bitter about the OST song "Beautiful" for hit Korean drama 'Goblin' did so well - especially in comparison to his other music.

During an interview with 'MU:CON Seoul 2017,' Crush was able to reveal his honest opinion about the song, his time spent working on it and its overall success. Fans were surprised to hear about the singers mixed emotions as he stated, He said, "When it hit number 1 on music charts, I honestly had a flood of different emotions."

He continued saying, "People around me congratulated me a lot which made me feel really good, but at the same time, there was a sense of bitterness as well." When further questioned as to why he felt so bitter, it turns out he felt the song took away from his identity in a way.

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Crush said, "Honestly, whenever I went to concerts and events, the audience already remembered me by connecting the song 'Beautiful' to my name, which I'm obviously thankful for. However, because it was such a different style of music compared to what I was aiming for, I did fall into a pit musically."

However, Crush ended things positively by saying, "Now, I've decided not to deny that because when fans listen to my music and they enjoy it, it becomes my own style." Fans are happy the singer has found peace with his claim to fame. What do you think of the hit song?

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