Sep 06, 2017 | 20:16 PM EDT

'Descendants of The Sun' Script Writer Explains If The Drama Influenced The Song-Song Couple's Romance

On September 6th, the script writer for global hit drama 'Descendants of The Sun' Kim Eun Sook was a special guest panelist at Seoul's KOCCA event. The hot topic of the Song-Song couple becoming a reality came into the discussion naturally.

Kim Eun Sook was asked, "Was it due to the sweet lines from 'Descendants of the Sun' that the Song-Song couple exists today?" to which she gave a rather peculiar reply. 

"Shouldn't that be a question for Song Hye Kyo?" Which made the crowd laugh. However, in order to answer the question more seriously, Kim Eun Sook stated, "I'm not really sure, but Song Hye Kyo did mention something about the script once Yoo Si Jin changed Song Joong Ki." 

Kim Eun Sook continued, "Song Joong Ki has always been the cool manly type. I think a drop of sweetness has been added to that. They are both so lovely... They just can't get enough of each other. They're madly in love. I would like to congratulate them again." Either way, their romance both on screen and off screen is quite real and that is what sold the drama's storyline quite well! In other news, the couple are set to be married on October 31st of this year.

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