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These Were Deemed The Most Popular K-Pop Dance Videos

One reason fans love K-Pop is not only because the idols are so amazing but their dance skills are by far the best in the entertainment industry. While their MVS win us over with their flashy colors, amazing sets, and fashion styles, everyone knows the dancing is where it is at! Check out these dance videos that will have you appreciating your favorite groups even more!

Girls' Generation

If you haven't tried dancing to or at least memorized one dance move from the iconic K-Pop song "Gee" by Girls' Generation, don't even read the rest of this list until you finished watching it!

Big Bang

Big Bang completely impressed when they released "Bang Bang Bang" and everyone wanted to imitate the famous chorus and gun shots! The dance is simple but addictive.


G-Friend is one girl group who break the barriers with their rough and rowdy dance routines! These girls became famous after their incident on stage while performing this rigorous dance.

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BTS are known for their intense choreography and have been wowing us for years with their sick moves. However, "Blood, Sweat & Tears" is their most popular dance to date!


Another simple but charming dance routine in K-Po is performed by none other than TWICE! Their song "T.T" is not only addictive, but the cute crying dance moves are too irresistible to not imitate.


Although GOT7 are another boy group who are up there alongside BTS when it comes to intense dance choreography, their darling song "Just Right" was all the rage among fans for the dance, message and more!

Girl's Day

Girl's Day shocked us all with their extreme sex appeal in "Something." The dance may be rather hard to mimic, but the famous dance move during the chorus is one that has been performed countless times on variety shows and other TV programs.


The boys of VIXX dominated the dance scene when they came out on stage with "Chained Up." The unusual but impressive dance definitely turned a few heads and left us impressed.

Black Pink

Black Pink are another girl group that mastered boy group-like choreography and aren't afraid to give it their all when it comes to their dance moves! "BOOMBAYAH" is a powerful song with an energetic dance routine that is both fun to watch and try.

What are some other amazing K-Pop dance routines that you admire the most? Share your favorites down below!

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