Sep 08, 2017 | 17:53 PM EDT

Red Velvet's Yeri Might Have Lied Just To Impress Fans

Red Velvet's Yeri was recently caught in quite the embarrassing situation which let down fans and had them wondering if she lied just for attention?

During an episode of 'Red Velvet's Level Up Project,' member Yeri can be seen entering the pool after claiming she has taken lessons and swam for over 3 years! However, the proof is in the pudding as she became more of a spectacle in the water rather than a graceful mermaid.

The girls were assigned a few underwater and swimming challenges, which Yeri made seem easy due to her abundance of confidence. Fans had high hopes and expectations for the self-proclaimed talented swimmer, but Yeri could barely keep afloat or her head underwater.

It appears that with the help of her bandmates Yeri had to learn how to swim all over again! Check out the hilarious footage from their most recent episode down below!

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