Sep 13, 2017 | 18:52 PM EDT

Videos Prove How MBC's Employee Strike Is Affecting K-Pop Idols

For more than two week nows, MBC broadcasting station's employees have been going on strike in an attempt to receive the raises and other demands they claim and rightfully deserve. However, because of the strike, many programs have been failing and ultimately taking damage due to the effect of the strike.

Hit shows such as 'Running Man,' 'I Live Alone' and even 'Infinity Challenge' has been unable to broadcast their full content in a timely manner. Now, K-Pop idols are also suffering from the repercussions of the strike.

Fans and netizens alike claimed they noticed a change in quality during this week's episode of 'M! Countdown.' The filming of the live stage performances have changed and become rather simpler or at times a bit unorganized. Fans immediately shared their thoughts on the matter.

"The post-strike performances are plainer, it seems like there's a focus on the group shots, and they feel more like fan-taken videos. But I like them because they're easy to watch," and "The pre-strike performances were impressive and seemed to capture the members' individual parts and the key points of the choreography well." It was particularly obvious in come back stages of groups such as PRISTIN and Sunmi. Check out a video showcasing the differences down below!

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