Sep 14, 2017 | 17:45 PM EDT

This Rookie Group Is Gaining Attention Because of One Member's Breast Size

K-Pop idols become sensations for many reasons and while most of the time it is for their singing talent or diverse dance skills, other times it is for their curves and body types. One rookie girl group member is calling attention to herself for her rather large breast size.

Newly debuted girl group Good Day have debuted a mere week ago with their title track "Rolly," which features a swing-jazz classic sound and conjures up a huge amount of energy from the girls when it comes to the bouncy dance routine. However, it is the dance routine that focused the eyes of many fans' to member Viva.

Out of the 10 members, who are quite young, Viva (17) is sporting quite the adult size chest among all of her members. The dance routine for their song "Rolly" includes a lot of spinning, jumping and motion that makes it hard to not notice her enormous chest. Just check out their recent debut stage down below!

After seeing their debut performance, many fans left remarks regarding the idols womanly body saying, "She has nice... eyes, "No wonder she is in the center a lot," and "The dance routine makes her stand out more because of the up and down movement." How do you feel about viewers pointing out Viva's chest size?

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