Sep 15, 2017 | 21:26 PM EDT

How Did AOA Seolhyun's Dark Skin Affect Her Career?

On the September 15th episode of 'Three Meals A Day,' AOA's Seolhyun was a special guest and shared some interesting details about her dark skin being a problem for some fans and even endorsement deals.

During the program, the guests discussed sensitive topics and issues in their lives which pushed Seolhyun to bring up the matter of her dark complexion. Seolhyun said, "In the past, I strongly believed that women needed to be pale and skinny in order to be beautiful."

She continued, "I used to worry a lot about the comments telling me to lose weight, wear lighter makeup...and about my skin." She even discussed how her worry over her complexion affected her life as an idol and even modeling. However, she gained confidence over time saying, "In the end, it was the healthy, dark complexion me that people loved." View Seolhyun's sincere thoughts in the clip down below. 

Sadly, Seolhyun isn't the only K-Pop idol to be mocked and bullied for their dark skin. Even group members such as EXO's Kai, SISTAR's Hyorin and Girl's Day Hyeri have been teased for their dark skin. What do you think of this negative outlook on dark skin in the K-Pop world?

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