Sep 21, 2017 | 08:31 AM EDT

Man Attacks This Korean Celebrity At Night - Knocks Out 5 of Her Teeth + Facial Injuries

Horrifying news has struck the hearts of many netizens as it was recently reported that this Korean celebrity was gruesomely attacked in the dead of night. The assailant beat her with his fists and left her in the hospital traumatized.

On September 21st it was stated that DJ Joy was physically assaulted on the streets of Gyeonggi while walking home after a night out. The Gyeonggi Province Police had filed the following written report about the attack and her injuries: "A 28-year-old man (A) randomly attacked DJ Joy, wildly beating her with his fists. He's reported to have broken 5 of her teeth, and she's also reported to have suffered serious injuries to her face."

The reports continued to tell the shocking story as well as her injuries saying, "A was found 15 hours after the random assault, but he was not placed under arrest as he was found to be a first-time offender. He's claimed he was drinking before the assault, and he has no memory of the incident. Police plan to investigate further, and A and DJ Joy are preparing to take it to court."

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Netizens were completely disturbed by the act of brutality and even more so by the fact that police have not placed A under arrest. After being hospitalized and checking on her condition, DJ Joy's side revealed her current status saying, "It's true she was assaulted. The physical harm was serious, but the psychological harm is even more so. She's trembling in fear because A lives nearby." 

In other news, DJ Joy is a popular EDM artist known for her cool and chic style while spinning. What do you think of her horrible experience? Stay tuned for more updates.

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