Sep 21, 2017 | 23:20 PM EDT

K-Pop Groups That Love Doing Mukbang

Mukbang - the classic Korean tradition of sitting in front of a large feast of food and gorging on it all until your stomach (or heart) explodes from being more than content. Despite idols having to be pretty and petite, there are some who are breaking the mold and eating their way through stereotypes! Check out these idols and groups who are true foodies at heart!


The boys of GOT7 shows us they are still growing lads as they stuff their faces left and right!

Girl's Day

The ladies of Girl's Day may be skinny but they certainly know how to eat! Member Hyeri seems to be the mukbang champion of them all.


Jin does his best and impresses fans with his very own personal mukbang. Imagine if all the members of BTS were here?


The petite angel of K-Pop was sent to this earth with quite the appetite!

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SHINee appear to be mukbang legends in the K-Pop community - this video proves just why!

Girls' Generation

Just like Girl's Day, the lovely ladies of Girls' Genertion can definitely chow down and put a few meals under their belt!


EXO are big on eating a lot and member Xiumin shows us just how much he can eat in one sitting.


Luna of f(x) actually meets with a famous online mukbangger and gets a lesson in how to eat like a pro!


SHINee may have some competition after all because the way Highlight eat jjajangmyun is no joke!


The girls of G-Friend probably sweat off all their weight from their rigorous dance routines so it is no surprise that they can eat this much food in one sitting!

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