Sep 25, 2017 | 11:13 AM EDT

How Are Fans Reacting to Photos of TWICE Jungyeon's Newest Hairstyle?

TWICE's Jungyeon, who is known for rocking a killer short boy cut, has recently switched things up and shocked fans with her new comeback appearance!

After debut, Jungyeon donned her signature shirt hair for all of their comebacks, up until their last release "Signal" where fans noticed she began growing her hair bit by bit. Now fans are noticing a more girlish-side to the idol as she sports little curls and even a raised ponytail - and it isn't the only thing raising, netizen's interests are peaking, too!

However, Jungyeon wasn't always the short hair goddess we have become so accustomed to! She has sported long hair in the past, and fans were going wild when past photos of her with longer hair had surfaced over the internet, including a video of her before debut down below.

Watch video

Now that TWICE are gearing up for a new comeback and teasing us left and right, Jungyeon has become a hot topic and fans are wondering just how long she will continue to grow out her hair. So far, her new look has been well received. Although many worried this new girlish charm would not match the idol's tough exterior, it seems Jungyeon is an idol with flexible style!

Don't forget to check out TWICE's teaser image for their newest song 'ONce Begins' down below and let us know what you think of this new chic and moody concept. The song will be released in late October.

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