Sep 27, 2017 | 09:02 AM EDT

Luna of f(x) Shares Her Struggles With Vocal Nodules & Extreme Weight Loss

During the 27th broadcast of' Showbiz Korea,' f(x) Luna was a special guest where she discussed some hot topics regarding not only her vocal nodules and experiences in musicals but also her dilemma with extreme weight loss and criticism over her entrance into college.

Netizens were recently bothered by Luna being automatically accepted into the Drama & Cinema department of Chung-Ang University. Luna was accepted into the prestigious arts university without having to take a performance exam or undergoing an interview like most students who enroll. Although it would seem to be a happier occasion for the idol, she explained how much she suffered from the backlash.

"I prepared for my college entrance and attended well. College life was so hard. It was hard to promote and attend school at the same time, and it was also because I received a lot of criticism because of it. Because they criticized me, I fell into a depression. I was so stressed out, thinking, 'Why are they criticizing me?' and 'I worked hard,' and I lost 10kg (22 lbs) because I couldn't eat." Despite the sad news, Luna further revealed how her time performing in the musical 'Legally Blonde' helped her pull through.

"Starring in the musical helped me in a lot of ways," said Luna. "When f(x) started doing well, I suffered from vocal cord nodules. I was told that I shouldn't sing when I was 19. However, I was then cast in the 'Legally Blonde' musical, and I overcame my vocal cord nodules." Don't forget to view a clip of her amazing performance down below~

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