Sep 29, 2017 | 22:13 PM EDT

How is This Wanna One Member Still Struggling With English?

English and Korean are rather complex languages and practically share almost nothing in common, so it isn't surprising to see at least one idol struggling with the language. However, we still enjoy their cute mistakes and Wanna One's Park Ji Hoon is guilty of a hilarious one - misspelling his own name!

After purchasing their recent album, one fan had received a signed photo card from the adorable member of Wanna One Park Ji Hoon. However, they were a little disappointed by his poor attempt at writing in English.

It appears the idol forgot the extra O in his name and called himself Jihon instead of Ji Hoon. Fans founded it rather hilarious while others found it shameful that he couldn't even spell his own name leaving comments such as, "That's too adorable", "But that's his own name....", and "This is beyond dumb. How can you not know how to spell your own name?? lolol." 

Try again next time, Ji Hoon!

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