Oct 02, 2017 | 22:50 PM EDT

How Did Netizens React After BTS V Let A Fan Call Him Her Boyfriend?

Netizens were in a bit of an uproar after V decided to let one special (and lucky!) fan call him her boyfriend. Perhaps V has a thing for fan girls?

On September 30th, BTS had held an official fan meeting in Sinchon, Seoul and the news of V referring to being in a relationship with a fan spread faster than water in a sinking ship! Although V is still single, posts alongside a video of V about his conversation with the fan went viral after fans discovered he let her call him "Boyfriend."

In the video, V is heard saying, "You seem like the girl guys talk to often, huh? If none of them suit your taste, just say I'm your boyfriend," permitting her to refer to them as a couple. Fans went crazy with a unique mixture of even and delight after hearing the idol's charming words! View BTS' V whispering sweet nothings to a precious fan down below - just try not to get too green with envy, ladies!

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