Oct 03, 2017 | 08:51 AM EDT

Han Seo Hee Posts Her Honest Feelings About Hating EXO-L

Trainee Han Seo Hee continues to garner the attention of the K-Pop world with more and more videos and posts on her Instagram. Recently, Han Seo Hee expressed her hate and anger towards EXO and their fans which definitely triggered the fandom community against her. 

Han Seo Hee had previously posted her strong dedication to being a feminist by not only mentioning it in videos but also sharing photos of her sporting a "Feminist" awareness t-shirt. Now, Han Seo Hee claims her hate for EXO-Ls connects directly with feminism and her as a person. On October 3rd, the idol uploaded the following message during the Chuseok holiday.

"Why do I hate EXO-Ls? Why do I keep mentioning EXO-L? The ones who are trying to bury a girl in the community by mocking, criticizing and pushing to the limit, and even politicize me? EXO-L made thousands, tens of thousands of rumors, cursed me and are slobs, mockers, and critics? Now they suddenly want to play the victim? ㅇ ㅇ ㅇ"

Since most EXO-L fans are girls, Han Seo Hee finds it funny that women are beating down other women. She ended her post making her ran quite clear saying, "The victim is not you [EXO-Ls], but me and those who support me ^^ Why is this Public execution ㄱ ㄱ ~" What do you think of Han Seo Hee's remarks towards EXO's fans?

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