Oct 05, 2017 | 18:40 PM EDT

How Did Yunho React To His Pink Underwear Being Exposed To The World?

Recently, things got a little pink at the SM Town Concert! During TVXQ's stage, member Yunho's pants completely tore down the middle and were probably one of the worst male idol's pants-related wardrobe malfunctions in K-Pop history! His cheeks probably turned pinker than his underwear after this incident.

As you can see, everyone (including that one backup dancer whose face screamed utter terror at the sight of those pink panties) was absolutely dumbfounded by the giant tear going down the idol's leg. However, Yunho continued on with the entire performance and finished it as professionally as possible. You can view the shocking (yet hot) footage down below!

Now, since the incident happening in July, the idol has rehashed the moment during an episode of 'Happy Together 3' and revealed how he maintained and handle the situation. Yunho stated, "The outfit was made of spandex, and usually pants made from spandex rarely rip.  So when we usually perform, if we feel somewhat uncomfortable most people avoid doing outrageous motions,"  

He continued saying,  "It was really hot that day when suddenly I felt a cold rush of wind brushing against my legs.  I thought it was only fair and appropriate to successfully complete the song.  The audience was shocked by the appearance but was like 'what's going on' as I resumed my act." Perhaps Yunho enjoyed the attention? Either way, it made for one unforgettable performance!

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