Oct 06, 2017 | 17:53 PM EDT

Which K-Pop Groups Are The Most Popular In Russia?

While there are many K-Pop groups who reign supreme in Korea, there are others internationally that have garnered a lot more fame than you could expect - including rookie groups! However, a new Korean TV program titled 'Welcome, First Time In Korea' interviewed some Russian youth about the popularity of K-Pop in their country.

Three girls named Svetlana, Lagina and Alana became ambassadors of Russia as they expressed some of the top groups among them and their friends. Overall, as expected, hit groups like BTS, EXO and even Girls' Generation were mentioned and featured on their list! One girl even mentioned SHINee as being a favorite among young K-Pop fans. However, to no surprise, they stated, "BTS and EXO's popularity in Russia is no joke. There are more than 100,000 EXO fans." 

But this isn't the only video of its kind going viral on the internet! There have even been interviews with fans, professionals and more regarding the popularity of certain idols groups in places such as France, Mexico and more! View one of the lengthier ones down below and see who made it to the top - they may just surprise you!

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