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Moments We All Enjoyed When Girls' Generation Were 9

Ever since the heart-breaking news of Girls' Generation members no longer renewing their contracts and pursuing their own individual careers and paths, it has become harder to believe the group won't disband. With their lineup being smaller than ever, the SONE fandom is having a rough time adjusting and the only way to feel better is to look back on the days when the original lineup made us smile with joy! Reminisce on those moments down below.

1. When they raised a baby on their own

The girls went through many challenges together as a group. However, none were more hilarious when they tried to raise a baby by themselves! It honestly is a task that requires nine people, no doubt!

2. The way every member made the choreography absolutely fire

Girls' Generation were known for their stunning choreography and unforgettable dance moves. Fans and even other celebrities couldn't help but imitate them. From classics like "Gee" to the more sensational tracks such as "Genie" and "I Got A Boy," the girls made waves with every dance move they made.

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3. When the girls always messed up on their choreography and laughed about it

Although they were considered the 9 dance goddesses, the girls were human in the end and couldn't help but make a few mistakes now and again. Girls' Generation had quite the tricky choreography and dance routines due to their large numbers. However, despite the mistakes, the girls always took a moment to laugh it off and keep on going!

4. When they performed internationally and everyone went wild over the girls

The nine girls made history when they become one of the first K-Pop groups to perform at New York City's Madison Square Garden. The nine girls were a big hit in the states and the fans that were able to attend this show were probably the luckiest on earth! This concert was the peak of all 9 girls' career as singers.

5. The moment when they made history performing on American Late Night Television

The girls didn't stop at the stage at Madison Square Garden, the lovely 9 ladies continued to make waves as they even performed on various show programs in the U.S! Nothing was more fan than chanting all 9 of their names throughout their performances. Even the staff and crew were amazed by the power of SONE!

What was your most memorable moment of Girls' Generation when they were still 9?

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