Oct 11, 2017 | 18:27 PM EDT

Why Are Fans Outraged By Wanna One's Living Conditions?

Recently, Wannables (fans of Wanna One) have become triggered after seeing just how small the dorm of the fabulous boy group really is. When comparing it to other idol groups, it seemed impossible for 11 boys to share such a space. 

According to reports, "Rhe dorm only has 3 rooms, meaning the members must split the rooms by groups of 3, 3 and 5. The 11 boys also have to share 2 bathrooms." Fans were not impressed, considering the boy group makes bank just on endorsement deals alone. Fans left their criticism on the post saying quite a barrage of angry comments towards their agency.

"On top of that, the Wanna One boys get cheap-looking bunk beds. How sad...," "Just because they are a temporary group, doesn't mean their living should be too," and "After seeing the comparison, I think a hotel would be even better." Harsh, but fans do make a point. In comparison to previous 'Produce IOI' girl group IOI and the dorms of JBJ (who were originally compared in the post), the boys are packed up like a classic can of sardines. Perhaps, after their inevitable separation, the boys can purchase better housing all on their own.

Reports continued to state, "Although not a double-floor apartment like Wanna One, JBJ's dorm has a living room and kitchen space. There are 2 bathrooms for 6 members, and JBJ's beds look much more comfortable than Wanna One's." What do you think of their living situation? Is it intolerable for them to continue on living this way or is it fair for them to stick it out until next year? Share your voice on the debate in the comments down below. 

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