Oct 12, 2017 | 16:55 PM EDT

SF9 Share Their Thrilling But Spooky Experiences While Filming In The U.S + Comeback Success

As many fans know, SF9's recent comeback MV "O Sole Mio," which was released a mere 11 hours ago, was filmed in the states. On the same day, the boys held a fan-meeting and discussed their invigorating experiences in the states and what would make this album successful.

The song has already garnered 300K views since its release and the boys are becoming a hot topic for their aesthetically pleasing MV and Latin Influenced approach for their concept. Not only is the song simply refreshing as it utilizes a Spanish guitar melody alongside an easy-on-the-ears EDM enhanced instrumental but it also captivates listeners as it is mixed with both Korean and Spanish lyrics. 

During their V-Live fan meeting, the boys shared an amazing experience as they witnessed 'The Great American Eclipse' in the desert of California. Member Youngbin stated, "It really fits right with our concept in protecting the sun." Member Dawon also stated"I heard it was the first total eclipse in America in 99 years, and it happened right before our eyes while filming our MV. It was truly an amazing experience. It became dark all of a sudden. This may very well be a sign of great things to come."  

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However, the real haunting tale was their spooky encounter with a ghost (which is also a sign of good luck in Korea if you're working on an album)! The boys revealed that, "We stayed at this 200-year-old hotel in America while filming for our music video.  Member Hwiyoung never experienced gawi (sleep paralysis) before but I got attacked while sleeping there. I thought I heard someone rapping next to me and when I woke up the staff members also said that they saw the same ghost."

In other news, fans are praising the song for adding a new flair to K-Pop as even the dance routine features the motions of a Bull Fighter and utilizes a Matador cape for their choreography. Fans commented with delight saying, "Finally, some respect to Spanish culture" and "This whole MV and song concept was s well thought out!" What do you think of SF9's flavorful comeback?

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