Oct 13, 2017 | 18:35 PM EDT

Music Critics Say BTS Could Possibly Win A Grammy!

That's right everyone, you read correctly! After dominating the charts with their 'Love Yourself: Her' album comeback, breaking records, and even taking home the win for 'Best Social Artist' at the BillBoard Music Awards earlier this year, critics are now saying they may even take home a Grammy next year!

Th boys made headlines again recently after t was announced that they sold 1.2 million copies alone in the first month of releasing their new album. Before that, the boy group had received an all-kill on the charts with "DNA" and the song continued to further their rise to the top by becoming number 1 on the charts in over 73 countries!

Experts say that is would be no surprise if the boys took home a Grammy next! Since they easily took home the award at the BillBoard Awards thanks to the help of their ever-growing fandom, ARMY, critics stated that "BTS have a great chance at winning 'Best New Artist' in 2018." Korean Music Entertainment Critic Im Jin Mo even stated, "There are two criterions in order to be certified as a successful artist and that is topping album sales and being listed on Billboard's chart, and BTS has accomplished both goals." *Claps for BTS*

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In other news, fans were even surprised to discover that BTS' album sales on Amazon for the first month have not even been tallied and added to their already shocking sales numbers. They were reported to have topped all of Amazon's charts and suggestion lists earlier last month upon the release of their album.

Im Jin Mo continued to leave fans in awe for the future success of BTS by saying, "Now BTS has officially become the face of K-Pop. The group has made a huge impact in shaping and rearranging the industry. Prior to BTS, many thought K-Pop was on the decline but it seems BTS has breathed new life into the music industry."

He further concluded his analysis by saying, "Their greatest strength is the ability to sympathize with others on a musical level. They are able to express common motifs such as youth, love, and such in a unique way, adding in symbolic imagery. Their lyrics feature philosophical/poetic ideas portraying a sense of intelligence, perhaps inspired by Haruki Murakami's novel '1Q84' in which many fans respect." What do you think of this critic's praise and respect for BTS? Share your thoughts down below and let us await an even more successful BTS in the near future!

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