Oct 17, 2017 | 23:40 PM EDT

Why Was Super Junior's Leeteuk Spotted Wearing A Wig?

Don't panic K-Pop world! While many were almost worried that Super Junior member Leeteuk might have been going bald, he seemed to be hiding his hair with this beautiful brown wig for a reason.

Netizens have been sent into a fit of laughter after seeing the idols awkward hairpiece. Currently, Leeteuk has been filming for 'The Best Cooking Secrets' on EBS and netizens began pointing out how odd his appearance suddenly seemed. However, the real secret is what he is hiding under his top - pink hair!

The idol is currently rocking some beautiful, bright pink locks for boy group Super Junior's comeback. However, shockingly enough, because of EBS' strict values and broadcasting rules, Leeteuk was forced to hide his unnatural hair. According to reports, Leeteuk has been spotted wearing the wig throughout the whole program and future ones to come until he dyes his hair back.

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Unfortunately, his law-abiding cover-up has become the laughing stock of K-Pop with fans leaving comments such as, "That hair... I'm dying," and "It really looks too real tho!" In response to the matter, Leeteuk confirmed himself that "I heard many people have found laughter due to my hair. It's a good phenomenon. You didn't have many things to laugh about nowadays, right? Well, laugh more!!!" 

Leeteuk turns the hilarious situation into even more of an entertaining one by also leaving the following comment on his photo post: "#It's kinda cute ^^ Watch how my hair will change from now on... lol" Are you excited to see the many transformations of Leeteuk? Stay tuned for more updates. In the end, pink is best!

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