Oct 18, 2017 | 23:04 PM EDT

Did Actor Jung Il Woo Get Surgery or Gained Weight? Netizens React To His New Look

After spending some time away from the spotlight, actor Jung Il Woo was spotted at the '2017 Seoripul Festival' on September 24th and his appearance became a hot issue among fans mainly because of his change in looks.

Fans noticed something different about his face and particularly his jaw. No, it wasn't surgery, this idol naturally gained weight - enough of it that he lost his signature sharp jawline feature! The actor was remembered and recognized for having sharp, eye-catching features. Although still handsome, he is lacking what made him so popular which left fans puzzled.

Despite being surprised by his new appearance, fans commented on his face and smile saying he still looked handsome and good-looking. Some even adored his adorable new look and think he looks healthier with his more weight on him. How do you weigh in on Jung II Woo's new style? Share your thoughts down below!

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