Oct 20, 2017 | 00:24 AM EDT

This Music Critic Is Underfire For Dissing Highlight's Latest Comeback

Fans were very upset to find out that one critic had ultimately dissed Highlight's latest comeback track in the most degrading way possible. The boy group recently made their comeback yesterday and the sassily written and negative review came back even harder!

The boys had made a comeback with their new album 'Celebrate' which features the song "Can Do Better." Thinking they were clever using a play on words, the writer from Ilgan Sports stated that the song was lacking and that Highlight "Can Do Better" than this comeback. The utterly rude opinion sent fans into a rampage.

Reports stated the writer wrote the following in the article: "According to chart rankings on October 18 at 11AM KST, Highlight's title track 'Can Be Better' from their new mini album 'Celebrate' ranked at its highest #5, and its lowest #35, on major domestic real-time charts... Compared to their previous music releases over the years, the score is on the level of shameful." They even stated that Highlight appears to be struggling against popular boy group BTOB.

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Fans commented saying that the article review appeared to be biased. They also argued that the critic went out of lines and "doesn't know the difference between a proper comparison and simply bashing a group/artists." The writer even tackled at their scores and ranks saying, "The impact is too severe for Highlight to simply pass this score off like their song's title, 'Can Be Better'. This is because member Kikwang's solo album, released earlier this year, did not do so well on charts either." Readers screenshot the article and shared the image shown down below to various SNS platforms.

How do you feel about the words written in this harsh review? Share your thoughts down below!

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