Oct 23, 2017 | 20:06 PM EDT

How Do BTOB Act When Drunk After Drinking Bottles of Soju

As usual, another wonderful episode of Dingo's 'Tipsy Live' was released this week and this time it features the handsome, ballad-loving boy group BTOB! The boys filled up on Soju (Korea's strongest alcoholic beverage) and gave us the performance of a lifetime.


The boys of BTOB recently made a comeback with their newest track "Missing You" off of their album 'Brother Act.' The group has received praise for not only coming back stronger than before but also for having a wonderful choreography which features sign language dance steps.  During this episode, the boys decided to put on an acoustic performance - but not without getting a bit tipsy first!

As seen in the video, the boys were lively and festive as they even celebrate their anniversary with their fandom, Melody. The guys shout and whoo with their fans and impressed everyone with how silly they can be. Although their behavior was fun to watch, BTOB truly wowed everyone with just how well they continue to sing even when drunk! What did you think of this fun episode with BTOB?

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