Oct 24, 2017 | 19:24 PM EDT

Netizens Question Solji's Health & Participation With EXID's Comeback - 'Is She Really Too Sick To Perform?'

Recently, EXID has announced their title track for their comeback album 'Full Moon'. On October 23rd, the agency stated that thier new song "Trembling" will be released on November 7th following a schedule which they posted and can be seen down below. However, their comeback isn't the only thing gaining attention for the group.

Fans of EXID have been worried about EXID Solji's condition for quite some time. In December of 2016, Solji was diagnosed with a serious thyroid disease. The company stated, "EXID Solji was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. She has been suffering from multiple symptoms including fever and the protrusion of her eyes. After a detailed check up specialized doctors confirmed that she has hyperthyroidism. We decided that her health is of the utmost priority so she will be taking a break and focusing on treatment. Solji will be absent from the scheduled award shows and LE, Hani, Hyelin and Junghwa will be on stage as four."

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Despite the horrible news and being absent from their last comeback "Night Rather Than Day," fans are a tad bit upset to see Solji continuously recording OSTs. She has recorded OSTs for various dramas such as 'Iris,' 'Witch At Court' and even 'The Man Living In Our House'. At first, fans welcomed her back to the scene and missed hearing her voice but as she continued to work less with the group and complete more OSTs, fans began questioning her condition.

Aside from OSTs, she even recorded tracks with other artists such as Primary.It was also announced that she would not be performing or dancing with the group during the comeback which led fans to state, "I thought the problem was only with her throat," and "If she has pains in her throat, why can't she perform or dance??" Some even suggested she should have stopped singing OSTs and recovered her voice the whole time. What do you think of Solji's condition within the group and her anticipated comeback with EXID? Is she fine enough to perform since she recorded so many songs during her indefinite break or does she need more time to recover?

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