Super Junior Shindong’s New Look Will Surely Wreck ELFs Biases

(Photo : Twitter)

On the 27th of January, fans and netizens can't get enough of Super Junior Shindong, after the male idol shared his weight loss transformation photos in his Instagram account. 

Several netizens congratulated him for achieving a significant milestone in changing his physical body, not to impress fans but to lead a healthier life, and avoid any complications as the fourteen-year-old idols were also growing older as years go by. In August 2019, last year, his schedules were put on hold due to various health issues; that's why he announced to be joining a company that is helping celebrities to attain their suitable boy through the strict diet program.

Shindong said, "I have tried several diets for me to take care of my weight, but I ended up gaining it back, which leads to becoming a danger to my health. This is my last chance, and I'll be learning to diet using a healthy method."

According to his hashtags on his Instagram post, Shindong has a loss of 30 kilograms in three months, making it approximately 10 kilograms per month. From 116 Kilograms, he is currently weighing 86 kilograms. He also makes sure that his diet does not involve starving himself, but he made sure to eat three meals a day with the right amount of balanced diet with proper exercise.

In addition to this, he also uses #ThisisNotTheEnd, wherein he meant that his diet does not stop in here, and he is going to lose another 11 kilograms, to achieve his aim bodyweight, which is 75 kilograms. 

Moreover, Shindong relieved his fans, when he uses the hashtags, #VeryComfortableDiet and #JuvisDiet, which means that the idol was happy with what he is doing and that he is taking everything with a light heart.

ELFs then can't help themselves but be proud of what Shindong has achieved and compliment him for his passion and dedication. 

Other fans even say that ELFs must get ready, for Shindong will surely wreck their other biases, after the release of their upcoming repackage album, "Timeless" with their title track "2YA2YAO" wherein a preview was released beforehand on the 27th as well. 

On the photos that were released, Shindong showcased a comparison of his "before" and "After" weight loss, which is impressive, featuring his amazing visuals and sexiness in his "after" photos. Surely, fans and netizens will miss his fluffiness, cuteness, and chubby cheeks, but they were also happy to support the path Shindong has made. 

Due to his healthy transformation, some fans were now motivated to follow Shindong's footsteps. 

On the other hand, their repackage album is set to kick off this 28th of January, wherein their title track "2YA2YAO" Music video will be released at exactly 6 p.m. Korean Standard time (KST), as well as the "TIMELESS' album.

On this day, Super Junior will also have their SJ the Stage Recording, wherein SJ Label has announced that the recording will be kept at private, to protect the members due to the wide-spreading Corona Virus.

The group will also have their Vlive afterward, so make sure to press a heart button.