BoA, Taeyong's Qualifications as Judges Were Questioned After Chaeyeon Got 'No Respect' Stickers for Being an Idol

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In the first broadcast of Mnet's "Street Woman Fighter," Chaeyeon was selected as the weakest dancer and got the most "No Respect" stickers for being an idol. Due to this, a lot of internet users raised their brows as BoA and Taeyong of NCT were also idols – drawing attention if they are indeed qualified to become judges in the show.

In particular, the first broadcast of the Mnet's new dance reality show, "Street Woman Fighter" made headlines for its interesting concept — even being selected as the current most enjoyable show on the music channel.

However, as it attracts more viewers and supporters, K-Netz is paying a lot of negative attention to the quality and qualifications of the judges.

Lee Chaeyeon Being Chosen as the 'Underdog' in the Show Because she's an Idol Sparked Judge Qualifications Issue

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On the 27th, discussions on various online Korean communities arose – questioning if BoA and NCT Taeyong have enough qualifications to judge in "Street Woman Fighter."

In particular, the issue sparked when Chaeyeon, a former IZ*ONE member, appeared as a member of the crew, "WANT."

It is no doubt that Chaeyeon has enough experience in the dance industry as prior to being the main dancer of the K-pop group, she also started dancing and joining idol recruitment shows at the age of 13. In fact, the "Fiesta" singer also gained the modifier "Feather Chaeyeon" for her natural and light yet powerful dance moves.

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But during the show, Chaeyeon who entered the dance battle experienced prejudices and received six "no respect" stickers for being an idol – implying that she's the weakest dancer in the show.

Other crew members explained why they gave her the "No Respect" sticker, saying, "Idols and dancers have different purposes for dancing, so the area itself is different."

When the broadcast was aired, viewers had no choice but to "tilt" their heads. This is because BoA and NCT Taeyong, two of the three judges who currently appear in "Street Woman Fighter" are also idols.

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BoA and NCT Taeyong Not Qualified to Become Judges in 'Street Woman Fighter?' Discussion Arises

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In the show, BoA and Taeyong, are expected to critic not only famous dancers but professional crews behind a lot of hit K-pop choreographies and dances.

For this reason, netizens raise the discussion that these professional dancers should be the judges, not participants in a battle.

Internet users say, "Those who lack an understanding of the dance culture will judge? Lee Chaeyeon and Taeyong are idols."

Another web commenter also said, "The professional dancer should have done the screening together."

On the other hand, some defended the idol judges said, "The dancers must know who the judges are before joining, so it's no problem," "The dancers are a bit narrow," "BoA and Taeyong are not behind in terms of dancing," and "It's not an Olympic sport, it's commercial show."

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Some also highlighted how BoA broke the barrier in the Japanese market as a K-pop idol, who also one of the artists who tried to open the door for K-music in the U.S.

Meanwhile, NCT Taeyong in his career also proved his "all-rounder" skills as the leader, main dancer, main rapper, center, and visual of a million-seller group.

Do you think BoA and NCT Taeyong are not qualified to judge in "Street Woman Fighter? Comment down!

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