Wonder Girls, Shocking Sexy Concept - Will It Work?

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Wonder Girls will attempt to take over K-Pop this summer with their shocking transformation.

On July 7, JYP Entertainment released a teaser of Wonder Girls' "Like Money" music video. "Like Money" will contain electronic and cyber-esque feel that have been added to their signature, retro concept. This shocking change in their image heightened the level of anticipation of their fans who have watched them grow since "Tell Me" and "Nobody."

Even in their song "Like This", which was release last June, Wonder Girls challenged to appeal to the crowd with a hip-hop feel and revealed their flexibility in adjusting to various genres

In the teaser of "Like Money," all members of Wonder Girls revealed their bodyline by wearing tights from head to toe. There seems to be a more emphasis in their sexy concept concluding from their provocative metallic attire and mysterious smoky-eye makeup. Wonder Girls is gaining a significant amount of attention from their fans and the media with their shocking image transformation, which clearly proves that they are a group that is capable of continuous change and growth.

Meanwhile, according to JYP Entertainment, an world famous hip-hop musician will accompany the Wonder Girls at their promotions in the United States, which added to the already high level of expectation.

Wonder Girls will release their new song, "Like Money" on the 10th of July and will be available for purchase via various music sites. 

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