'Time Slip Dr. Jin' Park Min Young Looks Like a Goddess While Praying

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Actress Park Min Young from the MBC weekend drama "Time Slip Dr. Jin" was seen praying in a Catholic Church while filming for the drama.

On July 19, behind the scenes photos from the drama "Time Slip Dr. Jin" were released through its official webpage. Among the photos, the ones that show actress Park Min Young stood out. The photos show Park Min Young praying at a Catholic Church while holding onto a rosary necklace. Park Min Young's pure and innocent beauty shines through while she smiles brightly at the camera.

In the beginning of "Time Slip Dr. Jin," Park Min Young's character Hong Young Rae appeared as a quiet and obedient woman who lived according to the gender roles of the Chosun Dynasty. However, as the drama progressed, Hong Young Rae's open mindedness began to show when she revealed her passion in practicing medicine and especially when she accepted Catholicism because of its emphasis on the equality of all human beings.

People in the online community who saw Park Min Young's photos responded with comments like, "She looks like an innocent child praying like that," "I wonder if she's praying about her relationship with Jin Hyuk" and "Park Min Young is pretty even when she's praying."

Photo Credit: Lee Kim Production

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