Jin Yi Han's Adorable Side in Behind The Scene Photos of 'Time Slip Dr. Jin'

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Jin Yi Han from the MBC weekend drama "Time slip Dr. Jin" was captured in behind the scenes photos that have been released.

On July 24, the production crew of "Time Slip Dr. Jin" revealed some behind the scenes photos of actor Jin Yi Han taking a break while filming on set. The photos drew attention for revealing the adorable side of the charismatic actor.

With only four episodes remaining, "Time Slip Dr. Jin" features an unpredictable story that takes twists and turns in each episode. Actor Jin Yi Han plays a crucial role in the drama that has been one of the most popular this summer. Jin Yi Han plays the character named Hong Young Hwee, who is the older brother of Hong Young Rae.

Internet users commented, "Such a different image from his role in the drama" and "He looks handsome even when he's falling asleep. I can't wait to see how his role as Yong Hwee will be featured in the drama."

The MBC weekend drama "Time Slip Dr. Jin" airs every Saturday and Sunday.

Jin Yi Han

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