'Unexpected You' Cho Yun Hee Looking Adorable Eating Ice Cream!

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Actress Cho Yun Hee from the KBS weekend drama "Unexpected You" has been spotted eating ice cream to escape the unbearable heat.

On July 27, actress Cho Yun Hee released a set of photos through her official Facebook page. The photos revealed Cho Yun Hee smiling at the camera while eating ice cream.

In the photos that have been revealed, Cho Yun Hee appeals to her fans in a different way from the way her character is portrayed in "Unexpected You." The photos show her lovely and adorable smile with her innocent eyes filled with happiness. Her smile in the photos is a happy virus, making everyone smile when they look at her photos.

People in the online community who saw Cho Yun Hee's photos responded with comments like, "She looks lovely even when she's eating ice cream. I think she'll be filming an ice cream commercial soon", "I didn't know there was such a cute side to her. So adorable" and "My heart is melting while looking at her smiling eyes."

Meanwhile, the KBS weekend drama "Unexpected You" has become the hottest drama of the summer with record high viewing rates that passed 40%. "Unexpected You" features top stars like, Kim Nam Joo and CNBLUE's Kang Min Hyuk.

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