'Time Slip Dr. Jin' Park Min Young Interview "I Wouldn't Do What Hong Young Rae Did"

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Actress Park Min Young revealed her thoughts on her character Hong Young Rae from the MBC weekend drama "Time Slip Dr. Jin."

On July 27, a video of actress Park Min Young's interview was released through the official MBC homepage. Regarding her character from the drama "Time Slip Dr. Jin," Park Min Young states "Hong Young Rae is a character who is very feminine and soft on the outside but actually very strong on the inside. She is a very caring and responsible character. Hong Young Rae has a very futuristic and open-minded personality that was very rare in the Chosun Dynasty."

Park Min Young continues, "The two characters I portray share a connection as well as similar characteristics so I created a midpoint between the two characters to portray each of the characters. We filmed most of the scenes showing Mina in the first half of the filming before we moved on to filming the Chosun Dynasty so it didn't feel like I was playing two roles. It felt more like I was working on two different projects. The only difficult thing is the upcoming scenes that will show the present times. I think I will need to work extra hard to focus so that I don't get confused while playing two characters in two different eras."

Park Min Young continues, "I think the route Hong Young Rae takes is inevitable since she exists in the Chosun Dynasty but if it were Park Min Young in the present times, I wouldn't take the same route. Even the engagement with Kim Kyung Tak (JYJ's Kim Jaejoong); there are a lot of things I don't understand about it. I tried my best to understand the situation since it is necessary in order to act but I can't say I understand 100%."

Park Min Young chose the torture scene as the one that is the most memorable to her. She states, "The most memorable scene is where Hong Young Rae and Jin Hyuk (Song Seung Hun) are being tortured because I put all of my energy into acting out the scene. I gave it 120%. Right after, I had to film an emotional scene but I couldn't give it my best because I focused on the torturing scene too much. It's the most memorable scene because both my mind and body were in bad shape after concentrating too hard."

When she is asked about her preference between Jin Hyuk and Kim Kyung Tak, Park Min Young answers, "I don't think I can answer that question right away. If I were Hong Young Rae, I would like Kim Kyung Tak too but since Hong Young Rae chose Jin Hyuk, I will choose Jin Hyuk also."

Park Min Young concluded, "After the drama ends, I plan to travel comfortably and learn a lot of things I've wanted to learn because right now, I'm exhausted both mentally and physically. I think I'll begin sometime next year. I've been sprinting, only looking forward for such a long time so I want to take it easy for a little bit. We're in the final process of filming the drama and I will try my best to portray Hong Young Rae with the best of my ability. Please show us support even when your expectations of Hong Young Rae may be different from the way I portray her. Please keep showing us support until the end."

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