K-Pop Idol Groups and their Twitters, 'Double-Sided Sword'

With the T-ARA issue, many other idol group entertainments have had members be careful on their Twitters. Some have had idol members stop using their Twitter for awhile. However, this could not be stopped. Many idols use this social media platform to advertise themselves and to rant about their day.

Twitter is a low-cost way to advertise idol groups

In the case of rookie idol groups, Twitter seems to be the tastest and most efficient way to get their name known out there. Many of these rookie groups post pictures of their practice sessions, new hairstyles, members playing around and others to gain attention on the internet.

Sometimes, with a little bit of luck, a twitter picture can become popular and rank high on portal sites as well. Also, it is hard to gain attention with just a picture of the group, so many take pictures with famous celebrities to bring more views to their page.

Artist's way to prevent depression

Even artist's that don't need advertising done on Twitter still use the platform. One official stated that many artists revealed that they can't live without Twitter. Artists with busy schedules like to check their Twitter to see how the fans are reacting their new album or they just like to interact with their fans.

Artists who are taking a hiatus in particular, are very active on Twitter. It always them to interact with their fans even while they are away. Many artists that have been away from the entertainment industry for awhile like to use Twitter as a way to get back into the scene. 

Entertainment Agencies are worried

On the other hand, entertainment agencies are worried every time one of their artist's tweets are seen on the news. Whether or not its a good or bad thing, they know that almost can anything can turn into a big issue. 

Another negative to these tweets is that the fans are always taking these tweets into their own hands. Fans like to interpret the messages in whatever way they want, sometimes ending up in a scandal.

Many agencies are now inspecting the idols Twitters, sometimes making a group Twitter so that everyone in the agency can access and check the tweets. They are also making these group twitters as a ways to advertise the group. They also share the account so that just in case a tweet does cause an issue they can quickly erase it as well.



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