Girls’ Generation shocks viewers by announcing “There is a member that does not gain weight even though they eat”

Girls’ Generation has recently been famous not only in Korea, but all around the world.  Many people are wondering how they maintain their petite figures.

On Yoon Jong-shin, Yoo Se-yoon’s Mnet show ‘Beatles Chord’, the MCs asked Girls’ Generation, “Do you girls really not gain weight or diet?” Then the girls replied, “We eat what we like to eat, but we do not eat anything we do not life. We do gain weight if we eat a lot, except members Yoona and Soo-young. Even though they eat a lot, they do not gain any weight. Especially Yoona, she doesn’t even swell after eating a lot”.

When the question ‘who eats the most rice’, all 8 members picked Yoona saying, “Soo-young and Yoona really like Korean food; Yoona especially likes rice”.

Then the MCs asked if either of the girls were jealous because of another member and leader Tae-yeon confesses she was jealous of makne (youngest) Seo-hyon because “we both starred in the MBC show ‘We Got Married’, but we had very different male celebrities we were married to. It is really hard to stay on a variety show and star with people your age, but Seo-hyon got the chance so I was very jealous”. Tae-yeon was married to comedian Jung Hyung-don and Seo-hyon was married to CN Blue leader Jung Yong-hwa.

During the show, Yuri confesses how she is very good at swimming and tells the viewers a story.

Girls’ Generation special of Yoon Jong-shin and Yoo Se-yoon’s ‘Beatles Chord’ will be aired on December 8 on Mnet. 

Picture: Mnet 'Beatles Chord' capture

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