A Single Person Organized the Protest Against T-ARA's Bullying Controversy!

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Following the announcement about the termination of Hwayoung's contract with Core Contents Media after T-ARA's controversy, one person started up a protest against bullying.

Yesterday (August 4), people began to protest in front of the Core Contents Media building in Seoul. The protest was organized by a single member of "Today's Humor" community in order to stand firmly against bullying. Five others joined the protest yesterday to send everyone including the members of T-ARA, Core Contents Media as well as the public that bullying is not to be tolerated in their society.

One of the participants of the protest who was in his mid-30s stated, "I didn't know much about T-ARA prior to the controversy but through this incident I have come to realize that issues of bullying and outcasting any member of society should be dealt with once and for all so that it never happens again, which is the reason I am here protesting today. Every member of the community needs to stand up and demand an explanation for this controversy from both the members of T-ARA and Core Contents Media in order to solve this issue correctly and lawfully."

A total of six people participated in this day's protest, holding up posters and expressing their anger to the people in the society to alert them of the seriousness of the situation. People from "Today's Humor" who couldn't be present during the protest showed support by meeting online at the same time and providing the protesters with drinks. The protesters endured through the torturous heat for two hours yesterday afternoon.

One of the people protesting stated, "Even though we stopped today, if we don't start to receive clear explanation of events and how they will be dealt with, we plan to continue out protests in order to show just how much bullying is not tolerated in this society."

Meanwhile, Representative Kim Kwang Soo of Core Contents Media stated on July 30 that the rumors regarding Hwayoung were false and the reason behind the termination of her contract is because of her inappropriate behavior.

Although the protest took place in front of Core Contents Media, the people protesting were unprepared and a very small number of people showed up. Although the people who showed up were dedicated in trying to deliver their message, they cancelled their protest after realizing the event's organizational failure. 

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