Psy is a Success in the U.S. Due to His 'Gangster' Image?

Psy had two obstacles that were blocking his way. One was his hit song, "Champion." The other was his rival and friend, Kim Jang Hoon.

"Champion" was a song in his 3rd album that received an enormous amount of love from the public. Anyone who heard this song automatically started to dance as the catchy beat took over. This song was the nation's song as far as anyone was concerned. However, as much as this was a hit song, it was also an obstacle for Psy to continue growing in his music.

His second obstacle was his friend and rival Kim Jang Hoon. Kim Jang Hoon is known for being a 'donation angel' with all his donations and volunteer work. With Kim Jang Hoon taking over the event scene, Psy was left in a rut.

Of course there are the crazy mania fans that know all of Psy's songs on all his albums. These fans know that Psy has kept his 'gangster' image throughout his whole music career. However, to the public, he is just the singer who sang the song "Korea" during the olympics.

However, if we go back to Psy's debut, he is totally different from the image he is today. Back then, he was not the 'king of concerts'. He was a young guy that didn't care what people thought of him. He came out on stage in a mesh t-shirt and enjoyed the night life. He smoked and was thought of as bizarre by the public. 

The shock that he gave to the public during his first album can be seen again with his new album. Psy has taken the current trends such as LMFAO or David Guetta and transformed it into a more 'korean style' by creating the 'horse' dance. This dance has now become the new hit of the summer.

"Gangnam Style" is the song that has allowed Psy to remember to always be humble and go back to his roots. His strategy is to have his music blast out at the club. His songs were more for the club scene rather than the public to dance all together in sync.

Of course, "Gangnam Style" can be seen as a good thing and a bad thing. It is good in that it's fun and catchy, but bad in the sense that it honestly is a comical video about nothing. However, this song is enough to break the obstacle of his previous song, "Champion" and his rival, Kim Jang Hoon.

This song has also shaken up countries overseas. The song states that this is specifically "Gangnam Style" but the parodies of this song are funny nonetheless. 

YG Entertainment was quite surprised with the unexpected attention Psy was receiving from CNN and other famous artists such as rapper T-Pain and Robbie Williams. YG had always been known to bring out K-Pop idol groups to the U.S. market.

Psy has always said that his songs were "songs that the neighborhood bullies liked."

This comment can be seen when listening to some of the songs on his new album. In his previous album, he talked about working in an office and getting married but still not being able to mature. This new album seems to go back to his youth where he was wild and free.

All the hype about "Gangnam Style" has allowed Psy to remember what his music was all about. Also, through all the competition between K-Pop idol groups, Psy will surely be able to overcome those stereotypes and become a new trend in Korean Pop music.

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