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'Music Bank' Highlights: Kim Dong Ryul Wins #1 On The October 17, 2014 Episode + Performance Recaps

By James B | October 18, 2014 10:11 AM EDT


'Music Bank' is back for another week of great comebacks and performances from some of your favorite K-Pop idols. Great stage settings and fan chants were all heard and seen yesterday.

The stars who made their comeback were SECRET's Ji Eun as she is pretty at "25," VIXX got a boot up and are "Error" free for their return, The Boss said "Rilla Go," and Crayon Pop's sub-unit Strawberry Milk made their debut with "OK."

Your nominees for the night were Ailee and Kim Dong Ryul. The winner for the October 17th episode was Kim Dong Ryul for his single titled, "How I Am." 

All this being said, here are the awesome performance recaps from yesterday.

Performance Recaps


SECRET member Ji Eun is beautiful at the age of "25." The SECRET member made her solo comeback and wore a beautiful gold colored short dress.

The message of the song is what her song title says, she is gorgeous at the age of "25." Her voice is great; which Ji Eun hopes to be nominated next week.


VIXX were "Error" free as they made their comeback on the music show yesterday. The guys need someone to warm up their cold hearts because winter is coming.

The guys do a great job of moving like robots; which VIXX fans definitely love. The fan chants were great yesterday. Are you loving VIXX's new single?

Strawberry Milk

Crayon Pop's sub unit Strawberry Milk made their debut on the music show yesterday. The sub unit is comprised of identical twins Choa and Way.

The adorable girls wore a nice pink outfit as they said "OK" for their performance. This song is happy and will make you smile. You will definitely bounce and say "OK" with the girls each week.

The Boss

The Boss who are known as DGNA made their comeback and performed their new single titled, "Rilla Go." The guys are performing with lots of energy for their new song.

This song has a techno beat that will get you dancing. What is your opinion regarding The Boss's new single?

Red Velvet

The sexy ladies of Red Velvet looked great as they wore a brown and little black colored blouse with black pants for their performance yesterday.

Red Velvet performed their single titled, "Be Natural" on the music show. The ladies looked beautiful with not too much make-up applied on their faces. Are you loving the new and mature Red Velvet?


Ailee once again had another flawless performance as she sang her hit single titled, "Don't Touch Me."

She had no necklace on her outfit yesterday. Ailee wore a nice black and white colored dress for her performance. Ailee was nominated; though fell short for another first place trophy. Ailee is battling hard and performing great for her fans.


TEEN TOP are ending promotions; which their fans are going to miss them. The guys performed their single titled, "Missing" yesterday.

They wore a red blazer and white undershirt with pants for their performance. The close ups of each member was fantastic.

TEEN TOP won three trophies for this song; which two were from 'Show Champion' and one for 'Music Bank.' Their single ranks number fifteen this week.


BTOB said to the ladies "You're So Fly" once again on the October 17th episode of 'Music Bank.'

BTOB are known for their energy and charisma; which their fans saw it while they were performing yesterday. Their single ranks number twenty-seven this week. If you want to charm a woman, listen to BTOB and say "You're So Fly."


Boyfriend appeared and disappeared as they performed their Halloween concept single titled, "Witch." The red curtains are really great props because it gives the effect of the concept.

Boyfriend are doing a great job with promotions each week. Boyfriend fans are loving their performances each week.

Mad Town

Mad Town yelled "YOLO" and entertained the audience yesterday. "YOLO" is an abbreviation which means 'You Only Live Once.'

The guys wore a colored combination of white and blue colored outfits. Mad Town are having fun each week. If your unfamiliar with their names, the group is comprised of members Moos, Lee Geon, Jota, H.O. Heo Jun, Daewon, and Buffy.


Juniel performed her beautiful single titled, "I Think I'm in Love." She wore a nice pink outfit for her performance. Her single drops one spot to number eleven this week.

The camera person did a great job with the close ups while she was performing. Do you ever wonder if her back up dancers are really a couple?


Younha performed her beautiful ballad single titled, "Wasted." The single ranks number fourteen this week.

Younha wore a gorgeous short dress for her performance. The audience just listened to her beautiful voice and screamed at the end.


MINX asked the audience "Why Did You Come to My House" again on the music show yesterday.

Do not let their cute side fool you, this girls will want an answer on why you went to their house. MINX are having fun with promotions as they smile and wink at the camera.

Roy Kim

Roy Kim performed his beautiful ballad single titled, "Home" yesterday. His single ranks number three this week.

Roy Kim's voice is great. His voice flows very well with the tempo of his new song. The message of the song is about going back "Home."


A.KOR are still not getting respect and the attention they deserve as they performed their single titled, "But Go."

Their performance was cut to less than three minutes long. Though, they are performing well even though the audience remain silent.

Other performances were Jung Dong Ha and TOXIC.

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