Olivia Wilde’s Baby Boy Inspired Her To Fight For Beliefs, Actress Discusses Her Support For Family And Proposition 47

Olivia Wilde believes strongly in family.

The "Drinking Buddies" actress is speaking out about her political beliefs and reveals that giving birth to her baby boy Otis six-months ago led her to support Proposition 47.

"Family is everything. I've always felt that way, but having a baby this year really drove that truism home," Wilde said in a statement to E! News.

The actress 30-year-old actress had her child earlier this year with fiancé Jason Sudeikis.

"Being a mother has reinforced and refined my thinking on many issues, including-believe it or not-our criminal justice system," she added. "That's why I'm supporting Proposition 47."

Proposition 47 is a voter initiative that would reduce penalty times for certain crimes.

Further addressing the issue, Wilde told E! News that her family "instilled, since I was a child, a commitment to critical thinking. Don't believe what you hear; explore and analyze what you encounter to determine your own truth. This family trait has led me to not only think deeply about societal issues but also to act. Having my son has only increased my desire to do so."

Several other stars have come out in support of the proposition, lending their voice to encourage the public to vote for the initiative.

"I also am one of several Artists for 47 endorsing the initiative, ranging from Jay-Z to Brad Pitt to Cameron Diaz and John Legend," said Wilde. "We're united in this effort because our current justice system is tearing apart families for low‐level crimes, and draining community resources and tax coffers to pay for it. It hasn't worked, and I urge Californians to join me on November 4 in voting yes on Prop. 47."

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