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Why New YG Entertainment Boy Group iKON Is Being Called A 'Super Rookie'

By Staff Writer | November 10, 2014 09:24 AM EST


YG Entertainment's survival audition program Mnet "Mix & Match" has come to an end and has confirmed the members for their new boy group, iKON.

"WIN" B team members B.I and Bobby, along with Jinhwan, Junhoe, Yunheong, Chanwoo and Donghyuk will be making up the final members of the new group.

This audition program started in September and recently ended on November 6 with 9 episodes. As this was an audition program choosing members for a new YG group, this alone had the show gaining much attention from fans.

This is the second audition program from YG after their Mnet "WIN: Who is Next" program that chose members for the group WINNER.

With the popularity of this show, many have become curious about this new group called iKON. Here are some reasons as to why many people and fans have high expectations about this group.

# 2 Rounds of Survival Auditions, 'Talents Confirmed'

iKON is made up members from 'WIN' B team and new face Jung Chan Woo. Also, the B team has already performed at the YG Family concert and has already proved their talent on stage.

New face Jung Chan Woo has also proven his talent through the program and was able to become one of the final members of the group. With all members of this new boy group having already proven their skills in front of fans and YG CEO Yang Hyun Suk, anticipation for this group is already very high.

Also, B team members have shown drastic improvement and growth since their last appearance on the "WIN" program as well.

Bobby and B.I have also shown their talent through WINNER's debut song, "Empty" as they were the ones that wrote the song for them.

iKON has also been recognized and acknowledged from other YG senior artists. Singer Psy stated, "B.I is a producer, lyricist, rapper, practice machine. He is the new generation's next hot thing. After watching the show, I was shocked at how art  he was able to grow and improve. Because iKON has gone through many survival auditions, I am sure that they will become great icons in this industry."

Epik High Tablo also commented, "Bobby is a very skilled rapper and can be compared to current artists promoting right now." Bobby also featured in Epik High's new album as well and received much praise and attention from other senior artists.

# Enormous Fandom That Knocked Down YG's Server

Similar to group WINNER, iKON has a huge fan base that is anticipating their debut. B team has also received much attention after the show, "WIN" and has been having a growing fan base ever since.

iKON has been receiving much attention from the audition shows, "WIN" and "Mix & Match" as well as "Show Me the Money 3," making their fan base very large and diverse.

As fans waited for the final members of iKON to be revealed, the YG server received so much traffic that it was shut down, revealing just how popular the group had become.

# Not Just Another Group But One With Their Own Color

iKON is known for their own specific style and color and has received much attention for that. They are not just another group or the second 'WINNER', but a new and fresh group with lots of skill and potential.

They have produced all songs for their debut album and is prepared to show a different and unique side to them. They have also made an 'all-kill' on the music charts with their album as well.

Yang Hyun Suk also stated that iKON's hip-hop style will be a bit stronger than group WINNER's and will have a more distinct style.

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